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For an authentic immersion and a great holiday...!

CONTACT: Francoise Duffau, the Owner and Manager:
2 Ruelle Saint Francois, 06300 Nice
(0)6 07 60 07 09
F site
Please contact me preferably by email for detailed information, latest availabilities, rates & Special longer stays.
For additional references, thanks to visit my professional site for French Language teaching, Distance Learning & Bilingual Assistance:

Safe and legal rental, as I’m the owner and manager. Direct bookings with myself avoiding fees charged by all holiday rentasl sites.
Clear written cost and conditions.

SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER 2017 : 686 E per week, or 98 E per night. Minimum Stay: 6 nights
Monthly Winter discounted rates from December to February.

Additionaly, Payment only at check-in only for guests’ convenience, of both:

a) The Refundable Security Deposit: amount as agreed on our mails, usually 250 E up to one week stay, please inquire for longer terms: Refunded at checkout, the more convenient for both of us. Payment upon arrival: Either in cash, Travelers’ Checks, French bank check, US Dollars’ check of equivalent Euros amount. However possibility to pay also at booking at same time of rental, refunded within a week minus bank fee.

b) Management fee including 1 set of linen: 120 E (non refundable): For the person in charge of the apartment and including the following linen: 1 fresh protecting mattress and 2 protecting pillows, 1 bottom and top bed sheets, 2 pillow cases, 2 large and 2 small towels, 1 bath mat, 1 dish towel. Upon request, 15 E is deducted if bed sheets and towels are not needed, please advise at booking.

Payments schedule:
1st payment: 50 % of Rental paid at booking.
2nd payment: 50 % paid 60 days prior the starting date of the holiday.
Or 100 % payment of the total Rental at booking when 60 days prior to the starting of the holiday.
For extended stays of 20 nights and above, 1st payment at booking, not refundable. 2nd payment 90 days prior the starting date of the holiday.

Payment methods, either:-
PAYPAL (no need of a PayPal account, I’ll send you a email request through Paypal site), and also for American Express card.

- Online through the site(s) by credits cards, along with agreement on the terms of rental.
- By bank wire transfer in US Dollars (asking your bank the equivalent Euros amount), OR Euros.
For payments with PayPal or bank wire transfer, I will send you the letter of reservation to fill out, and send back.
I will hold the apartment for your vacation period during the booking process, at reception of your payment & letter of agreement signed, your holiday period will be official booked.
I will send you confirmation and practical information.

Cancellation policy: For your protection, please consider a personal travel insurance. As I remove the apartment from the market for your rental period and need final bookings as a small owner, I can’t be financially responsible. Thanks for your understanding.
100% refunded minus 50 E processing fee, when: Cancellation occurs 60 days prior the starting date of booking.
In case of default of payment of the 50% balance, 60 days prior the starting date of the holiday, the reservation will be cancelled, and the 1st payment of 50 % at booking not refunded, if posterior at 60 days.
For extended stays of 20 nights and above : 1st payment of 50 % at booking, 2nd payment of 50 % balance 3 months prior the day of holiday. Refundable, when cancellation occurs 90 days prior the date of the holidays, minus 50 E processing fee.

Booking Process:
- When payment is made though PayPal or wire transfers, the letter of agreement, that I previously emailed to you to sign, will confirm and secure the terms of your booking. I will hold your stay during the few days booking process. Upon payment and receipt of the letter of reservation signed by you, I will send you confirmation of your booking and guidelines to the apart and information.

- When the booking is made through commercial sites, along with fees that they all charge to guests nowadays, the online payment and agreement on the terms of rental, validate immediately your booking.
I’ll send you after booking, guidelines and information to the apartment for your scheduled check-in.

Check-in: At 12:30 (noon), or before and arranged at best accordingly to trip.
Checkout: At 5:30 PM, or after arranged at best. Early departure possible upon previous agreement.

House care: Thank you in advance for your consideration on the following.
At check-out, the apartment must be
returned in good condition, as found. Personal belongings removed, garbage emptied, kitchen and toilet bowl cleaned (only), out of respect for the person cleaning).
At check-in: The apartment, furniture, equipments, dishes, linen, will be checked, matching photos and listing.
You will find at your arrival the apartment very clean, considering that sometimes dogs are not well curb in France, thanks to remove your outside shoes for hygiene purpose and protection of the wood floor, and not to drag the suitcases on the wooden floor.
For also pro-environment sake, avoiding waste of energy, thank you to turn off the electrical appliances, before leaving the apartment, and to close the windows when using AC or heaters. The bathroom towels are to be used for this purpose only.

Damages: I like to base my relationships with my guests on trust and mutual respect.
I therefore expect that you inform me about any damages, to be paid before departure or deducted from the security deposit if you wish.: 4 E per glass and small plate, 6 E for larger dishes, 14 E per large towel, 10 E for smaller towel, for larger damages, upon purchase invoices. Please inform me or the person in charge. Thanks to note that I prefer to replace myself accordingly to my test.